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Use Icysphere's Cloud CRM for free, grab some coffee and manage your data efficiently.

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Icysphere is a cloud CRM application which was build to serve simple but powerful modules which are needed for nearly every company.

Create, import, export and manage your customers, products, supplier, assets, projects, sales and more.

Let's begin to manage your stuff efficiently.

Everything you need in one place


It has never been easier to manage customers and their data.


You can create new Teams and invite other users to it. Get on your stuff together!


Keep track of your products and their stock.


Add your suppliers and their products/prices. Compare them, list your orders and invoices for each supplier.


Save the invoices of your customers, suppliers and from yourself.


Create orders and offers for your customers and keep track on them.


You can use all our features for free! Although there are plans which will allow you to invite more users to your project.

Choose the plan which suits your project the best. Don't worry it can be updated or canceled in seconds.



Invite up to 2 users to your project. Perfectly suited for small companies or if you just want to try out the application.


6 monthly (60€ yearly)

The more the merrier isn't it? Invite up to 5 users to your project and get your work done together.


28 monthly (250€ yearly)

Your team can have 10 users! But you also get priority support. We will try to slay a dragon for you if we see one flying in your direction.

Need a better plan or just more users?

Write us at to get an offer.

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